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Q. Do the kits come pre-painted? A. No. The aero parts should be brought to a qualified body shop who is able to color match your

Q. Can you ship C.O.D? A. No. All orders must be prepaid before they are shipped from their manufacturers.

Q. I live in another country, how do i order? A.  Auto Fusions can provide shipping services to most countries in the middle east.
However, you must hire a broker in your country to handle the customs, duties and taxes.

Q. Are all prices includes shipping? A. Prices of all merchandise do not include shipping or handling charges except to the Kingdom
of Bahrain. All  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Q. Are all merchandises ready for delivery? A. All items will be shipped according to availability. If items are not readily available, we
will try our best  to expedite all orders as quickly as possible. Auto Fusions will not be held responsible for long delays beyond our

Q. What about installation of the products? A. Auto Fusions highly recommends the installation of all merchandises by qualified
trained professionals. Improperly installed products may lead to unsafe and unreliable conditions. All products installed incorrectly will
not be covered under any warranties and will not be accepted as return.